Term 2 Timetable 2024

Monday5.30 - 6.30pmBelly DanceAdultContact Rayna:0429 010 556
Tuesday3.45 – 4.30pmPrimary/Grade 1 Ballet6-7yrsJessica$120
4.30 - 5.30pmHip Hop8-10+yrsJessica$130
Wednesday9.30 - 10.30amAdult Intermediate BalletAdult & SeniorsWendy$130
4.30 - 5.30pmGrade 4/5 Ballet & Pre -Pointe10+yrs Sym$130
5.30 - 6.30pmIntermediate Contemporary10+ yrsJessica/Sym$130
Thursday3.45 - 4.30pmLittle Legs3-5yrsJessica5 week course $55
4.30 – 5.30pmJunior AcrodanceLevel 1 & 2Jessica$120
5.30 - 6.30pmIntermediate AcrodanceLevel 3Wendy$130
6.30 – 7.30pmAdult BalletAdult BeginnerWendy$130
7.30 - 8pmAdult Pointeby inviteWendyballet & Pointe $195
Friday4-5pmLyrical Ballet7-10yrsJessica$70
5-5.45pmK-Popopen ageEmily/Jessica$45
6-7pmAdult beginner ContemporaryAdultJessica$130
Saturday9.30 -10.30amGrade 2/3 Ballet8-10yrsJessica$120
10.30 - 11.45amGrade 4/5 Ballet & Pre -Pointe10+yrsSym$160
12.15 - 1.30pmYouth Project - by inviteSym$70
Little Legs

These classes for little people introduce dance skills of all genres whilst nurturing creativity and encouraging movement play. Our fun and supportive environment creates opportunities to develop fitness, coordination and flexibility.

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Lyrical Ballet

Lyrical Ballet is a fluid and dynamic style. Combining ballet and jazz it follows the music & lyrics being danced to and is emotionally expressive. We use ballet as a stepping stone for this class but we use it more expressively and free form. This class would suit students who have done ballet or contemporary or jazz before and are looking for a class that combines styles! (But we will also accept beginners)

We will be running this for 5 weeks in term 2, then repeating it again.

Friday 19th April - 17th May 4-5pm $70 suggested ages: 7-10yrs

Ballet - Primary, Grade 1,2,3

Ballet is a beautiful, traditional and highly technical dance form. Ballet classes are structured using the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus to ensure students gain all the skills suggested for each grade. Ballet promotes flexibility, strength and gain musicality through dancing to classical music. Ballet is the foundation of all other dance styles and ballet is encouraged for all students in conjunction with their other dance classes to improve their dance abilities.

Ballet Grade 4/5 & Pre-Pointe

Once students have learnt ballet basics they are invited to pre pointe class where we focus intensively on strengthening ballet technique ready for pointe work. Major students also attend this class for additional fitness and strengthening.


Contemporary dance is of the now, it pushes past traditional and structured dance and is more free. Students do learn steps and techniques but these allow us to move; travel; jump; spin; fall and get up with dexterity and strength. There are many avenues to explore in contemporary, and this dance genre may be inspired by ballet, hip hop, jazz… Dancers will gain strength, coordination, fitness and flexibility.

K Pop

K-Pop, or Korean Pop, is a Korean music genre that draws on a wide range of popular music styles. However, one of the key things that sets K-Pop apart from other music styles is the focus on choreography. In most K-Pop videos, you'll see the artists dancing in sync — often doing very complicated and precise moves. Emily is passionate about K Pop, as seen in last year's concert! 

AcroDance Level 1, 2 & 3

This fun and energetic class starts with a warm up to get the muscles ready for the flexibility and strengthening moves that help with balance, stability and coordination. Students will learn basic Acro skills such as cobras, backbends, headstands, handstands, cartwheels, pike rolls, round offs and front kick overs, and then combine these with jazz progressions that include kicks, leaps and jumps to form a jazz dance sequence each week. We finish the class with a gentle cool-down stretch. 

LEVEL 3 Students build on their Acro skills, moving into one-handed tricks, walk-overs and partner/group work. They learn more advanced jazz turns, kicks and leaps as well as fun and funky sequences.

All students need to start at Level 1 and are assessed on ability as to which class they will be in.

Hip Hop Fusion

A street style of dance which has been fused with commercial jazz styles and even contemporary. It can range from a funky street style with loads of attitude and groove to a more lyrical contemporary style.

Project Class

An invite only class for youth who do a minimum of 3 classes/week including 1 ballet. This class is for those who show motivation to take their dance to the next level. Students learn choreography techniques, improvisation, acting, dance theatre & character development amongst all things creative and expressive.

Throughout the year these committed students learn dances that are performed at various community events and culminating in our end of year concert.

Adult Ballet & Adult Pointe

There is plenty of research showing that ballet and dance in general is great for older bodies and brains. Ballet develops focus and coordination and of course strength. We also have lots of fun! This class is great for newbies as well as those who have danced before.

Adult Pointe students will explore pointe technique and develop strength and ability in this traditional art form.

Adult Beginner Ballet

Developed specifically for adults who are new to ballet and or dance! No experience required. This class gets you understanding basic ballet and learning basic steps. 

No matter your age, it is never too late to learn ballet! This class starts at the barre, where we will warm up our muscles by progressing through a series of essential ballet moves, such as plié, fondu and port de bras, but don’t let the names scare you! All of the exercises and terminology will be explained so that you understand the mechanics of the movement while gaining strength, flexibility and dance elegance. We progress to the ‘centre’ where you’ll learn various ballet steps and sequences before finishing with gentle stretching exercises.

Adult Contemporary

A fun and social class with other like minded adult dancers, who are keen to learn contemporary dance anew or refresh their bodies in the techniques they have learnt previously. Skills and techniques are appropriate to skills and levels of students in every class.

Adult Jazz/Showtime

This class caters to all levels, so get out those jazz hands and let’s have some fun strutting our stuff! Starting with a warm-up session to warm the muscles, improve core strength and enhance flexibility, we then move into jazz progressions, including turns, kicks and leaps, before learning a fun jazz routine with cabaret steps and showtime choreography.

This class will be starting up again SOON! Watch this space!

Adult Belly Dance

Try this ancient form of dance, which translates almost seamlessly onto the modern-day dancefloor.

Learn how to Bellydance in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with Rayna, who has over 25 years of experience in this genre.

This is a wonderful way to energise yourself while having fun and a laugh with your fellow dancers.

Contact Rayna on 0429 010 556 for more information.


Following on from the very successful 'Puzzle Project' in 2023, we are launching our very own Danceable class. This class for all abilities will learn varying dance genres in a safe environment where expression and creativity are encouraged and diversity and individuality are championed. Suited for youth aged 10yrs and up with disability.  Please contact us for more information. We are really keen to run this class, however are waiting on funding to enable us to fully realise our intentions. Watch this space!